we poured concrete, framed the walls, rolled trusses, and nailed the roofing on the new studio building.
Then we installed all the light fixtures, the wiring and microphone cabling readied, Air conditioning and siding is next.

Exterior was finished , and the interior drywall, and painting is finished as well.....gotta hang a few doors yet, and complete the finish woodwork,

Here's views of the interior, on the left is the main studio performance room, and on the right, the view from the control room into the performance room.

Well, The bathrooms are in and functioning, The wetbar has been finished, along with carpeting in the control room. The Multi-glazed seperation window has been  installed, and the Cherry wood patch bay frames are ready to get wired in.  The window trim looks awesome, and the wood floor in the performance room should be finished within a few days.....updated
May29, 2011