Tone Mountain
   Tone Mountain
   Tone Mountain

                            ~~OUR VISION~~

         -To provide an Exclusive Vacation Retreat , which will
       Offer on-site,within a 3-4 day stay inside the beautiful
                                   Trinity Forest:

   -A complete digital recording studio, where we can  record,  mix, and master  a  CD, with a  full stage set-up, drums, mics, PA, etc., ready. Even a small selection of Guitars,Basses,Keyboards, amplifiers, noisemakers, etc.         

     -Rustic Accommodations , with individual, bedroom sized bungalows,and using the studio's 2 bathrooms,  just steps away from the Main House, where  meals  are   prepared for the guests ,and shared  Family Style.

     -Musician’s Clinic, with world-class Musicians doing intimate 2-3  hr  Clinics, with less than a  dozen in each clinic. We record  and send a dvd home with  the guests, which they can continue to learn  from, the rest of the year.

     -Salmon and Steelhead Fishing on the Trinity River, about a   mile from the location, with your personal Fishing Guide, with 30 yrs experience fishing  on  the Trinity River.

     - Horseback Riding, available, with beautiful trails and friendly  horses.

    -Creekside Picnic & Relaxation Area, less than 60 yards from the recording studio, for relaxation, meditation, instrument private time, even Gold  panning!

  -Pick up and Return Transportation to Redding Airport, or Sacramento  International  Airports, Direct to Tone Mountain Retreat, Just 35 Miles  west of Redding, and 200 miles from Sacramento. Stay tuned, more news to follow.

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